Beeswax Candles: The Natural Alternative
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A beeswax candle - Your natural alternative to a scented candle

100% pure Beeswax and a Cotton Wick

apidae candles give a modern twist to the traditional art of beeswax candle making. I hand-pour each candle with 100% beeswax, with no added fragrances or dyes. This results in a clean-burning candle with a subtle and natural scent. 

Made without additives or artificial fragrances, I offer you a pure and natural alternative to conventional scented candles. With apidae candles, you'll illuminate your space with the warm glow of beeswax without compromising the air you breathe.



"Great quality, wonderful scent and very caring, ecological and sweet packaging." - Anna


"Beautiful candle, very magical and sent safely, fast shipping." - Magda


"The candles are exactly what I was looking for, just much prettier. They are beautiful. What I loved was that there was no plastic in the packaging. I will definitely buy my candles here." -Xander


"Beautiful candle, great quality." -Jessica