Beeswax Candles: The Natural Alternative
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Adorable and Healthy Clothing

Natural and Quality…those are two words that I like to see together. And it's with these two words that Annette Cronenberg-Günter introduces her shop zierreich. Annette designs and makes clothing and accessories for children. Her designs are timeless and show loving attention to detail. Annette works mainly with organic fabrics.

Well, you already know how I feel about the toxins that are emitted by burning paraffin candles. But what about the toxins that touch our skin or even worse, our children's skin? 

Have you read about the latest study by Greenpeace investigating hazardous chemicals in children's clothing? Well, to give you an idea the result of the investigation is titled "A Little Story About the Monsters in Your Closet". Every brand (including very expensive designer brands) was found to have toxic chemicals. 

Chih An Lee, Detox Campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia, said:
“This is a nightmare for parents everywhere looking to buy clothes for their children that don’t contain hazardous chemicals. These chemical ‘little monsters’ can be found in everything from exclusive luxury designs to budget fashion, polluting our waterways from Beijing to Berlin. For the sake of current and future generations brands should stop using these monsters.”

Spring is coming and it's time for little (and big) girls to put on their dresses. So if you know a little girl, be sure to think about purchasing a quality made item with natural and organic fabrics before you make another purchase from the brands you know and perhaps shouldn't trust.


And if you happen to live in the Lake Konstanz area of Germany, then you could even attend a sewing class at zierreich

Annette Cronenberg-Günter

Have you ever thought about what's in the clothing that you wear?

Photos: zierreich

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